St. Augustinian's Church, Augustine Street, Galway
St. Augustinian's Church, Augustine Street, GalwaySt. Augustinian's Church, Augustine Street, GalwaySt.
Augustinian's Church, Augustine Street, GalwaySt.Augustinian's Church, Augustine Street, Galway
Client's Comments

The Augustinian Church in Galway has been a place of worship since the late 1850s. It was an inner city, Religious devotional Church and it was not then envisaged that baptism, confirmations, marriages and funerals would be celebrated there. It became a parish church in 1971, however, giving rise to an entirely different set of liturgical obligations and requirements. In October, 2001 a project team, formed from community members, defined the guiding principles of the project (project mission) as: To Create through Preservation and Enhancement a bright, intimate, sacred, warm, functional yet flexible, prayerful, quiet, accessible, inviting and attractive Church, within the constraints of ensuring value for money through an implementation process to commence after Easter, 2002. The renovation and renewal of the Augustinian Church and Priory, Middle Street, Galway was a small but complex project with very specific constraints arising from its protected structure status. The successful outcome of the project, which evolved well beyond an original scope of re-decoration, depended on an effective collaboration between the project team, design team and contractors and specialists. The realised design addressed all the project goals and a wonderful outcome has been achieved.