Royal College of Surgeons, Clinical Research
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The new building accommodates the RCSI's primary research and education facilities. It forms an important part of the college's recognition as a centre of excellence. Open communication and close attention to detail by both the client and the architects were key factors in meeting the requirements to facilitate a successful design. The required accommodation meant a relatively untested building type was needed. This was necessary because of the need to combine research facilities with educational and pathological investigation departments in one integrated whole. Richard Hurley and Associates objective was to provide simple, flexible solutions in a constantly changing environment.

To overcome the problem of how to evaluate the high-tech workspaces, the firm facilitated a number of design workshops, which were held with all the relevant RCSI personnel and department heads. All their concerns and requirements were analysed and detailed drawings submitted. The layouts and services were gradually refined over the subsequent six month period, during which time a total of 17 design workshops were held.

The building design was continued whilst work started onsite, allowing client approval to be obtained early on in the construction programme. All detailed approvals for the interior fitting out were then obtained following the design workshops with all building user groups. Therefore the construction of shell and core areas proceeded on the basis of a frozen, overall design, while particular requirements for workspaces were still being finalised.